Antoni Maiovvi – The Divine Invasion EP (Sauroid 2011)

A new EP of unreleased Antoni Maiovvi music will be available May 9th 2011 through Sauroid Records. I am very proud of this one in particular as it is my first Italo-esque release on an Italian label. Really, who would have thought it could happen? well it did. So sit back as I am preparing to do. Glass of cold beer in hand and enjoy this space age trip through as many analog electronics as I could find.

The EP is available to stream here:

as usual I did some video stuff for it, due to youtube’s copyright nature even if I link to buy the movie I cut up they will remove it so here are the details I couldn’t include and links to buy these great films

The Variable Man

New Narrative Cut Up of the awe inspiring Tombs Of The Blind Dead. Once very difficult to get hold of in the UK (I’m not sure about these days) I guarantee you’ve never seen anything as cool as the blind dead riding on horses in slow motion.


Psychedelic re-edit of the Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Colin Wilson and one of my all time hero’s Dan O’Bannon film starring Mathilda May. Mathilda May is especially important in this instance as I would be very sweet to her and then attempt to do very bad things to her. I’m a complex person, it should be expected, no?


Mirror edit of the Evil Dead prequel Within The Woods by Sam Raimi starring Bruce Campbell. This was the short film that was used to attract investors for the first Evil Dead. Which are some of my favourite films of all time. As this short was never officially released (used because the only source is a degraded VHS copy, the song is called VHS it makes sense ok) I will link to another great, underrated horror directed by frequent Raimi collaborator Scott Spiegel called Intruder

Many Machines On Ix, New Machines

well the title is taken from Dune, the visuals are from Dune. After the first draft I felt it was missing something. The idea of crudely superimposing the whole thing on top of Sting getting out of that steam shower, slowed down of course seemed to just work. Also it gives the whole thing this hinting at a homosexual affair between Paul and Feyd which wasn’t in the original and naturally if I was haunted by Stings sweaty face I would have been dead long ago. Still, Dune is great and you can BUY IT HERE


Feedback always welcomed to antonmaiof(at)


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