I’m Bored! Let’s Panic About…






…the on-going EDM saga. I made my position quite clear (I thought) after I posted about how seemingly upset people got over the Paris Hilton DJ thing here: https://antonmaiof.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/your-precious-edm/

With some hindsight, it’s mostly just people jealous that they aren’t rich and can’t do whatever they want, whenever they want. Lord knows I can’t. I made a huge vegetable chilli a few days back and I’m still eating it. Cooking: A life skill. Very useful. I’ll make a great wife someday, but I digress…

This article here: http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/199160/edm-is-the-new-american-bubble/ continues this panic, with the revelation that “media group SFX Entertainment and organizer of Live Nation (a Clear Channel subsidiary), is openly planning to build a $1 billion EDM empire by buying out promoters and event organizers.” Which I suppose is worrying, not particularly to me, but for my friends who are doing quite well at the moment, entering a world of corruption, secret handshakes, triangle pendants and holographic planes, lizard people, hollow moon’s built for mind control or whatever.

The problem I’m having with all this terrible panic, is that, it basically is wrapped with a little bit of contempt for people, who, let’s face it, are just going out to escape their pretty boring lives by dressing a bit funny, taking a shit-ton of drugs and dancing like a loon. Every person who writes about ‘THE DOOM OF THE DANCE’ sounds like they think everyone is stupid and can’t make decisions for themselves.

I remember a time when I talked about King Crimson and Tangerine Dream, and all my friends were listening to Hardcore Punk. I was an idiot in their eyes with little to no taste. It’s a little different now, fashion has come around to my way of thinking, which is a little un-nerving. I started by making noise, I make mostly disco stuff now. I dig through flea markets for Italo and Ambient albums. I should, in theory, be king of the hipsters. But, you know, I don’t dress funny so people generally leave me alone. Although Goth is quite hip now too so I’ve literally no idea what will happen with my social standing. But I suspect it will stay exactly the same.

The plethora of articles make everyone feel a little smug except me. It makes me feel sorry for everyone, the writers, the artists, coke freak club owners, the little lost people looking for a place to be, to belong. We felt like that once, right? It’s universal.

We reduce it all to money and disgust at greed. It’s more than that, and you know it. It also doesn’t really matter. People acting snooty because some people choose to spend their money on something you think is stupid. It works on the assumption that people must actually LIKE music. From my experience, most people don’t really like it, they use it like a social tool. Maybe it’s sad because you can’t identify with that?

Just because you wake up thinking of music, writing music, dreaming music doesn’t mean EVERYONE is. You knew that though, correct?

I got a pretty high tolerance for awful films, I don’t see people writing articles about that. You smug fucks. What do you want? Decent radio stations? Decent, corrupt, pay-per-play stations? Who cares about those dinosaur parts of the music biz? All these articles ignore all those artists who slowly carve out their own careers on the side lines, who run their tiny labels, do their tiny shows, occasionally have to find a day job for a bit. Those who were lucky enough to see a little bit of money come their way from their hard work and dedication.

For the last time, stop worrying. Or at least admit you just want the money. All of us who do it for the love will still be here after your fucking bubble bursts motherfucker…


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