Here’s some things that maybe you should consider before you meet me:
1) if you buy me a mojito after the concert that would be awesome
2) if you buy me a mojito the day after a concert, you’re my hero/ine
3) Just because I like horror movies doesn’t mean I hate women, I really wish I didn’t have to state that, but it’s important.
4) Please don’t be offended if I’m not talkative. Sometimes I get into a mood, but it’s not your fault, and I know I’m being a dick, so you have to forgive me. It’s not that I’m not grateful, I’m just moody.
5) I am not “dark”, I laugh a lot and make a ton of weird jokes. I really like The Simpsons, Vic & Bob and The Young Ones.
6) I’m not really into “obscure” shit. I know my tastes are maybe mainstream weird, but we’re more likely to have a really good chat about Robocop. Actually, Verhoeven in general.
7) I know almost nothing about dance music, I didn’t actually hear Plastikman until a few years ago, I’m still learning stuff. Also, I don’t really “get” house music, please don’t call my music house. I have nothing against it (might be a lie, I think 95% of it is really really awful), but I don’t understand it’s appeal, I don’t (consciously) listen to it and I certainly don’t make it.
8) I like sex a lot, I know this is a usual thing for people to say, especially for men. But my libido is very complex. I’m not an addict or any such bullshit, but the reason I’m not taking you home is because I don’t want to share my sexuality with someone I can’t trust.
9) Like most artists, I’m insecure.
10) My political views are closest to anarchist. I like logic and I think opinions are always, always subject to change
11) You couldn’t even begin to label my religious beliefs, there isn’t a name for what I am. If you believe in some kind of organised religion I pity you.
12) I don’t think anything is prohibited within art. This includes: appropriation, parody, vulgarity and ignorance. You have the right to make it as much as I have the right to think you’re a fucking idiot.
13) Learn your history, the bullshit EDM is the italo of tomorrow.
14) Life is fascinating. I don’t believe in the concept of only boring people get bored, but sometimes everything gets on top of you and maybe it’s hard to see. It’s easy to be bored. But if you think of the wealth of music, film and art we have. We are lucky. Don’t forget that. You can watch Tarkovsky movies online for free now. Not only that, people are interesting. Did you talk to your postman? What about the woman in the shop downstairs? I bet their weird. Weird is good. If anyone tells you you’re weird, reply “I’m glad”. I understand blending in, I understand not rocking the boat, but jesus, think for yourself, form your own opinion.
15) If you’re a “Truther” that’s fine, just, don’t be weighed down in the quagmire of bullshit.
16) Appreciate your finiteness


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