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Anton Maiof is a composer and performer originally from Bristol in the south west of England, but now resides in Berlin.

After incredible disillusionment over the recording contract he was offered at the age of 19 Anton began working in the field of experimental music and noise and began the noise rock group Geisha (now known as Geisha Noise Research Group) in 2001 releasing records on Crucial Blast, Super Fi Records and Splatterkore.

In 2002 Anton started to perform solo under the name My Ambulance Is On Fire. A project that ceased to exist in 2007. He currently operates under the name Antoni Maiovvi a retro-futurist Italo Disco persona.

He also continues to work with Geisha Noise Research Group and The Cold Hand with Joanna Kupnicka.

Anton Maiof has also written a number of theatre and film scores and worked on a number of other artists records

Geisha – Hymns For The Living Dead EP (Blood Red Sounds)

Geisha – Blood Around The Mechanism (Split 10″) (SuperFi Records)
Steveless – Popular Music In Theory (Cherryade Records): Mix Engineer

Hazmat & Me :  Co-Composer & Performer, Demonstrate Theatre
Geisha – Mondo Dell’Orrore LP (Crucial Blast Records)

Big Joan – The Flood Remix EP (Death$ucker Records): Master / Remixer
The Primitive Streak: Composer & Performer, Demonstrate Theatre
Hadley’s Experiment: Composer, Sound Designer & Performer, Livestock
Häxan: as part of Bronnt Industries Kapital (Dub & Effects Mix & 5.1 Supervisor)
Blackbeard: Short film Written, Directed & Scored by Anton Maiof
Sharp Things: Halloween Podcast for Re-Think Daily
The Call Of Cthulhu: Re-Score of the 2005 silent film for performance

The Match: Composer
Hadley’s Experiment: Composer, Sound Designer & Performer, Livestock
Goodnight London – Improvised Score
Geisha – Die Verbrechen Der Liebe LP (Crucial Blast Records)
My Ambulance Is On Fire – Complete Works (11 Album DVDR)
Antoni Maiovvi – Electro Muscle Cult LP (Seed Records)
DTV – DTV LP (Psychotronic Electric)

Antoni Maiovvi – Shadow Of The Bloodstained Kiss LP (Seed Records)
Bronnt Industries Kapital – Hard For Justice LP (Get Physical): Musician

Night, London: Fluxx Theatre Company: Composer
Without Planning Permission: Fluxx Theatre Company: Composer
DTV – Volkshaus EP (Journal Of The Belgae Folk Club)
Menschenfleisch – Performs EP (LF Records)
Menschenfleisch – Menschenfleisch LP (LF Records)
Geisha – Maudit A Minuit (SuperFi Records)
Geisha (Noise Research Group) – Thre.EP (Splatterkore Reck-ords)
Antoni Maiovvi – Hot Biology EP (Slime Recordings)
Antoni Maiovvi – Zulawski EP (Kompakt)
Antoni Maiovvi – The Thorns Of Love LP (Caravan Recordings)
Anton Maiof – Long Blues LP (Phantomhead Records)
Ultraspicer – Tight Fisted Bastard LP (Realtime Music Archives)

Antoni Maiovvi – Trial By Bullet / Battlestar Transreplica (Double CD) (Seed Records)
Antoni Maiovvi – The Divine Invasion EP (Sauroid Records)
Ghettoscraper – Are Ashes EP
Anton Maiof – Winter / Timephase (Double CD) (Mars Pyramid Records

Antoni Maiovvi – Low On Rent LP
Antoni Maiovvi / Vercetti Technicolor (Split 12″) (Giallo Disco Records)
Antoni Maiovvi – ‘YELLOW’ Original Soundtrack
Antoni Maiovvi – Stockholm Synthdrone 12″/EP (Giallo Disco Records)

Antoni Maiovvi – Midnight Wolves (Jam Traxx)
Antoni Maiovvi – Delta City EP (Cyber Dance Records)
Antoni Maiovvi – Yellow OST (Death Waltz)