Antoni Maiovvi

rob o cop

Antoni Maiovvi’s career began with a quite frankly amazing lie. In reality Maiovvi is not an original Italo producer from the 1980s come back to reclaim his crown, but a project started at the end of 2006 by composer Anton Maiof to explore a world made of synth pop, hi-nrg and horror soundtracks.

The cry of “Let’s Dance! Let’s Kill!” somehow struck a chord among the followers of the new cosmic disco movement and has lead to a prolific discography.

Musically, Maiovvi takes as many cues from John Carpenter and Goblin as he does from Italian Electro and San Francisco Hi-NRG right through experimental electronics and Krautrock. In short Antoni Maiovvi makes epic Horror Disco.

Here is a short demonstration of what Antoni Maiovvi sounds like LIVE in 2013:

Here is a desk recording of a DJ performance at The Sameheads 5th Birthday Party, Berlin

Here is an improvised live performance taken from the Italo Elite Club in Amsterdam 2010:


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