Slow Moving / Inactive / On Hiatus Projects

Ongoing / On Hold / On The Rocks Projects:

DJ Ghettoscraper







What started as an attempt for me to explore music I hadn’t really delved into before quickly ended up with me feeling I had nothing left to contribute. Basically Trap happened and I thought “what’s the point?” I never wanted to get famous from it. I did however finish an album and I will put it up on bandcamp at some point, and will continue to contribute to the compilations as they are fun.




A two piece free noise wii-mote VS tribal drums duo that had a very easy time with everything then had a very hard time of everything. We still want to play together and we are currently trying to get our debut album back from the label that recorded it.





An improv noise / power electronics project that doesn’t play nearly as much as it should. We’ve recently put out a 3″ CDR and a double cassette album through LF Records.

Past Projects / Non-Functioning Projects:

My Ambulance Is On Fire





My Ambulance Is On Fire was a noise / free for all / whatever project that ran for 5 years between 2002 and 2007. I don’t remember where the first concert was, but the last one was at QuWack(e) at Spike Island, Bristol.  It was the same day as my friend Pete’s wedding. I played the show and then ate a lot of Bombay potatoes. I think this accurately describes what was going on here. During the 5 years I did a bunch of remixes and released a lot of music:

2002 – Volume 1
2003 – Volume 2
2004 – Otro EP
2004 – Volume 3
2005 – Still got the Blues
2006 – Prisoner Of Love EP
2006 – One Hundred Love Songs
2006 – Strictly Bene Gesserit
2007 – Berlin
2007 – MAIOF Comes Alive
2007 – Celebrity Streetcleaner
2007 – Big Joan Remixes – Death$ucker Records

Papa Molasses & The Dane County Paragons




This was truly a great, great country band. Probably the BEST country band to ever have been formed by some noise and punk dudes with too much time on their hands: So it was the singer in Hunting Lodge (the British No-Wave group) and now London’s Dethscalator, Two members of the excellent Hinkley Veltones, the drummer from Hacksaw and me playing bass. We did an album, I don’t have a copy of it. I was never given one. It’s a shame. I’d like to get back together one day…




DTV, was and probably still is my most classy work to date. Home made instruments, self designed software electro-acoustic ambience to sheer noise. For some reason this just didn’t really strike people the way it was supposed to even though there was lots of enthusiastic responses to the recorded output and the live performances. Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be…




Was a short lived noise doom group formed in Berlin that fell apart for the same personal reasons that drew us together. People seemed to like us though. Ratbag, the guitarist and I still perform together occasionally as a guitar noise duo.






The group that came after Todesgeist, we no longer operate because our drummer moved to Mexico. We were pretty great.


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